Ken G Triathlon Coach
2 Time IM Kona Finisher & 5 consecutive years All American

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Above: I am getting ready to start my 12th Ironman back in 2012.

Below: finishing Ironman Hawaii in 1996.

Don't do the online coaching thing when you can get a personal coach that will sit down with you.  That online coach is more like a chat buddy.  

United States Master Swim Coach Certified (level 1 and 2) as of Oct 2014.

I'm entering my 32nd year of doing triathlons from sprints to full Ironman Races.  Completed over 180 triathlon races during this career with an equal split of sprint, Olympic, and long course triathlons.  Casually coached FAST Swim and Triathlon club members as a personal favor for swimming and triathlons. Branched out to become a personal triathlon coach through a web coaching organization in 2011.  Due to issues with that partner started my own business. 

In 2016 I moved my coaching strategy to more of an all inclusive package.  The packages are based on your goals and experience. 

-Swim stroke analysis with video analysis, above and below the water.

-Triathlon season planning for races and for training plans to achieve your goals.

-My offerings are here:

2018 packages are now being rolled out.  I will need to limit the number of clients coached due to workload and pending home move in 2018.   

How to schedule something?

send me an email at [email protected]